Digital transformation means developing new services and products and deploying the latest technologies in order to create innovative customer experience. When it comes to project management, it is therefore imperative that we continue to develop and optimise our knowledge, our processes, and structures. How do we respond to these requirements? Project management workshops are one way.

Regularly sharing information

By regularly sharing our experiences, knowledge silos are “dismantled” and the creation of new silos prevented. Passing on expertise is the focal point of this process. During regular meetings, NOLTE&LAUTH employees periodically share knowledge spanning different areas and disciplines.

Our project management team, which is split across the different NOLTE&LAUTH offices, meets quarterly to share knowledge and to learn. The workshop follows an agenda, and each team member makes a contribution. After introducing new staff to the team and presenting upcoming deadlines, we begin with a discussion of the most recent quarter. What went well? Is there room for improvement?

The subsequent report on the various customer accounts is indispensable. The different teams report on the projects that have been completed in recent months and those that are currently in progress. Here we work closely with our colleagues in Finance & Controlling in order to coordinate the planning for the next quarter.

Challenges and opportunities, lessons learned and best practices are discussed and elaborated upon if needed. The main priority is the transfer of experience, which can benefit project managers for every account by improving their expertise, making customer experience even better and optimising the efficiency of projects both internally and together with customers.

Up-to-date even across disciplines

One particular aspect of the workshop is the expert presentations from other divisions of NOLTE&LAUTH. Participants are briefed on the current state of the technologies we use, for example, or are updated on the latest UX design trends. These informative and entertaining presentations that conclude our workshops enable us as project managers to better understand and appreciate the work of our colleagues.

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