smart Digital Showroom Experience

A unique connection between the real and the virtual

How can smart offer its prospective customers at the point of sale a service that exceeds the classic sales experience? With our in-house sales solution NL Digital Showroom for smart, vehicles in the sales area can be presented in an striking way, matching the marketing strategy of smart: digital, colorful, novel. At the same time, it is also an information tool that can be used demonstratively to answer questions from the customer.

Reimagining the vehicle

Instead of rebuilding the whole showroom, the entire product range can be presented digitally in the sales area with the smart Digital Showroom Experience. Initially the customer can decide whether they would like to discover the smart world on their own, or with the assistance of a consultant. The desired vehicle can be configured in many ways, compared with other models as well as viewed in a day or night mode. The smart Digital Showroom Experience is not only space-saving, but also provides an ideal first step in the sales conversation. As confirmed by the feedback we have received from sales managers, the Touchtable can also in a fun way remove any potential tension before the first contact between seller and customer.

An individual setup for every requirement

Our modular solution is suitable for the individualized presentation of brand-specific digital content – efficient, flexible and with high performance. Together with our partners Pyramid and Isaria, we deliver a tailor-made solution which from design to content is entirely oriented to the smart brand. For smart, the NL Digital Showroom consists of a high-resolution 4K touch screen, a PC box with the latest generation hardware and our software inclusive Soft Configurator. A special feature of the smart Digital Showroom Experience are individually programmable Near Field Communication tags which provide lacquer and upholstery options. They enable the real and virtual world to merge: the customer can feel the various upholstery materials, select their favorites and transfer them to the screen. The use of this technology is particularly suitable for details which are difficult to reproduce digitally. It enables the customer to see through the use of the physical Lacquer tags the color of his car, just as it will be later.

Thanks to the cooperation with Eyevis, the Touchtable can be expanded with a Powerwall consisting of several screens. This means that in the large Powerwall version vehicles can even be presented both in image and video in their original size  – the best prerequisite for an inspiring experience at the point of sale. With our newly developed tablet app, mobile and flexible use of the smart digital showroom experience is also possible throughout the entire smart store.

In use worldwide

Since September 2016 we have been working with smart cities to integrate the smart Digital Showroom Experience into twenty international locations in Europe and Asia by the end of 2017. There is already in use, a smart Digital Showroom Experience in Hamburg, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Valencia and Kyoto. We tailor content to the respective market: from the models and their specifications, to branded videos and specific campaigns.

For each individual rollout we set up the software on site – then, when the Internet connection is established, the system automatically updates itself. The solution is continuously agile in its development: New versions with new functions and improvements can be installed worldwide within a few hours.

Operations & Program Management
Software Development & Testing
Customer Experience Strategy & Design

Customer and User Research as a driver of innovation

To further optimize the Smart Digital Showroom Experience, we regularly obtain feedback from customers at the point of sale, conduct internal usability tests, and have developed our own Analytics solution. This enables the smart organization an in-depth view into which functions and topics are of interest to users at any time.

One result of our research approach: Every day many customers ask for information about smart electric drive and the smart “ready to” services. That is why we have integrated the smart electric drive vehicles into the model range of the smart digital showroom experience. In addition, more apps will soon be made available to the customer with which they can delve even deeper into the services and technologies of smart.

A digital ecosystem with the latest technology

Because of the development of a completely new generation of apps for HoloLens, we connect the real and virtual world as never before. The Augmented Reality technology enables the customer to experience the different functions of a smart, in the car itself. With the HoloLens glasses acceleration, the size of the luggage compartment, and the time it takes to charge am electric vehicle can be explored.

This creates an entire ecosystem of interrelated apps and interfaces that are designed to meet the individual needs of the customer.

Customers are busy today and shopping is a time-consuming process. To stay on the ball, retailers have to find ways to make the experience in the sales area efficient and interesting. With our NL Digital Showroom Solution, we help salespeople and customers alike quickly find the right purchase decision.

Johannes Ehrhardt – Product Manager
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