At the interface between brand and customer: The Mercedes-Benz Product Information Tool

At a time of rapid digitalization in all areas of life the demands on the buying experience grows, and therefore pressure on the dealer and sales personnel increases dramatically.
How do we transpose salespeople into consultants who can answer, regardless of locality or situation, all questions regarding series, equipment, as well as complex topics such as e-mobility? How can potential customers in the future be informed, impressed and convinced?

Our answer is an innovative and unique digital product information portfolio for sales: Mercedes-Benz ADVANTAGES. Behind it lies a complex system of processes, tools and channels that provide the dealer with all the relevant information about vehicles and much more.

Customer Experience Strategy & Design
User Experience Design
Software Development & Testing

Currently dealers in 45 countries are already using the ADVANTAGES ecosystem. In Germany it is used in approximately 80 percent of all sales conversations.

Perfectly connected processes

In the development of ADVANTAGES we have been and continue to be involved in many different areas: from process consulting, through implementation to content production. In the course of this, we have created two basic components that form the basis of ADVANTAGES:

On the one hand, there is a single-source publishing system that provides images, videos and other content in one place and internationalized for all markets worldwide – at the right time, in premium quality and up to date. Thanks to the CGI process we installed, high-resolution visualisations of all desired vehicle configurations can be generated and integrated into the respective systems. This means that all product information is kept current and easily accessible to the dealer. Due to the high degree of automation duplications and errors are avoided, as well as costs being reduced.


On the other hand is the unique user experience, which distinguishes the entire ADVANTAGES ecosystem. Thanks to our innovative front-end design, the dealer can not only quickly and intuitively use the application on all mobile devices, but also has fun exploring the vehicles.

ADVANTAGES for the future

This formula for success can be applied to other brands. For example, since 2012 the platform has also been available for the product portfolio of smart and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

And because requirements for the future provision of product information are continually changing, processes and content are continuously developed and optimized by us.

With ADVANTAGES we have created a unique platform for the automotive industry that brings sales personnel closer to the product range. Thanks to didactic preparation and comprehensive content, the dealer is in a position to engage customers in the best possible way.

Urban Dausacker – Partner/ Client Service Director
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