NL Digital Showroom

The inspiring customer experience for retail

Digital Transformation in the retail sector demands new concepts to inspire customers. Premium brands digitize their showrooms to create interactive experiences at the point of sale. NL Digital Showroom is the ideal platform for this new kind of customer experience.
With individualized formats, any product range can be presented in the sales area in an innovative and concise form. The solution not only supports product and brand communication at the point of sale, but also leads to enhanced customer engagement.

A solution that connects the digital and physical world

We individually design NL Digital Showroom for each brand – be it specific content or for integration into the room concept. Multiple languages can be set up for international usage and local data sources incorporated. Different hardware formats also enable an individual setup for each company: Tablet, touch-table and multi-segment Powerwalls from various high-resolution displays can be easily combined.

A single touch-table is equipped with a 43 or 55 inch multi-touch display, optional near-field communication readers (NFC), plus a high-performance computer providing high-resolution product vizualizations in real-time.

With a few swipes and taps, the customer can experience the entire range of products. The Model Explorer displays and explains the differences between the models. Once a model has been chosen the customer can then view their desired product from all sides in a 360 degree view. The customer can not only view it, but also design it: product elements can be individually selected and combined. A special comparison view simplifies the choice between two favored options.

The ideal start for the sales conversation

The interface is self-explanatory and can be operated independently by the customer. However NL Digital Showroom is also the perfect interaction platform for joint model exploration: the seller can advise customers with high-resolution images of the entire model range. With the Multimedia Center application, other relevant content (pictures, videos, animations, etc.) can be presented on stationary and mobile devices. The Powerwall can also display large products, such as the entire vehicle, on the scale of 1:1. NL Digital Showroom precisely assists the sales personnel with customer advice and thus increases the chance of a successful sales conclusion.

Equipped with the latest technology

One fascinating aspect of the product selection are the individually configurable NFC tags. These enable color and material samples to be recognized by the system and allow the selected components to be transferred to the virtual product. This facilitates a seamless integration into the existing sales area environment. The unique connection between the real and the virtual offers customers a very special, individual brand experience – which also has a positive influence on the purchase outcome.

In addition to existing technology such as NFC, proprietary NOLTE & LAUTH applications can also be utilized, such as the NL Image Proxy. This is a content delivery network that has been specially optimized for high-quality product visualizations. On request, we also create and integrate other applications with products and services which can be visualized and explained.

With NL Digital Showroom, we are realizing the vision of a modular product portfolio that is designed to revolutionize the interaction between the customer and the consultant in the sales area. Within two years, our team of retail specialists, user experience designers and software developers have brought the digital showroom to fruition. The result: a unique combination of modular hardware and specialized software that meets our high quality requirements. Our adaptive Software-as-a-Service model can be customised for companies of all types and sizes.

As with all innovations, ideas for the further development of this product are not lacking. Based on qualitative customer and seller interviews as well as quantitative user tracking, we constantly generate insights for further refinement and optimization. We are currently improving the consulting process and are working on 3-D visualizations and an Augmented Reality extension.

There is little incentive for customers to visit a sales area. Almost everything can be managed comfortably from home. However, outstanding expert advice and an exceptional product experience attract customers. To this end we have developed the ideal solution: NL Digital Showroom.

Marko Kehm – Director Digital Showroom
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