Starting early at 8:30 (am!), several of the Berlin staff arrived at Galerie P98a, Erik Spiekermann’s letterpress workshop, where we attended Sonja Knecht’s presentation entitled Text in Not (Text in a state of emergency) as part of the Creative Mornings series. And it proved worthwhile for a number of different reasons.

One was the unusual format – Sonja did not use PowerPoint or a projector, instead she gave her presentation on an oversized easel with posters.

Another was the great reading recommendations; in keeping with the topic of her lecture, Sonja presented several authors and discussed their individual struggles. Thankfully, at least one of her favourites is doing well – Xaver Bayer.

And then there was the charming way she coins new words and expressions in dialect – the German language can be so much fun! For example, if there is no good High German equivalent to “lessons learned”, we simply use the Swabian Mitnehmerle, which roughly translates to “bits taken with you”.

And because it is completely relevant – everything is communication, even silence. So form it with care! And that is precisely what text is – language shaped and formed.

And finally, there was also a wonderful, limited-run poster.

Necessity is the mother of all invention – which is also true for the best text. The entire presentation is now available on YouTube. Do not miss it!