We’ve all been there: The end of your workday is approaching, but your tasks are not done yet – you still have to answer some last mails, book your working hours for the last few days and actually you would have to hit the gym to train off that huge bowl of pasta you had for lunch. In addition, notifications in your group chat add up for the evening’s joint restaurant visit. At this moment we regret our commitment and wish for nothing more than an evening at home to finally be able to switch off. That’s over now! The following eleven apps will accompany you throughout the day and help you to sort things out – saving you a lot of time and nerves.

A. M.

Saving time in the morning: Timely

With Timely, the smart alarm clock app, you can save a lot of time in the morning. Just let Timely wake you up an hour earlier – and you’ll get one more hour of the day. Okay, after this not so serious tip we don’t want to waste your precious time any longer. Use the following apps to make your day more productive:

After getting up

Starting the day with a clear head: Headspace

To start the day at ease, you should treat yourself to some relaxation right after getting up. According to a scientific study from 2012, people who meditate regularly can pursue a task longer and more focused. In addition, they make fewer mistakes and receive less negative feedback. Our recommendation for all those who want to relax, but don’t know how: Headspace. This app offers 10 free sessions for meditation. If you like it, you can take out a monthly subscription.

The perfect morning read: Feedly

At breakfast or on the way to work: with Feedly you are always up to date and know what’s currently driving the industry. You can follow your favorite authors and get a feed with the latest blog posts and articles. This not only provides a lot of inspiration for the day, but is also an interesting topic of conversation for breaks.

In the office

Task planning made easy: Clear

For those who love to-do lists: There is no better feeling than ticking off the last task. No wonder that the App Store is flooded with digital to-do lists. To spare you the tedious search, here comes our favorite: Clear. Using this iPhone-app, you can not only access your tasks at any time through the integration of iCloud but you will also no longer miss a deadline thanks to the reminder function. Ok, of course other apps offer the same.  Clear’s absolute highlight: To really do everything on time, you can sort your tasks by color – and prioritize them (we recommend red for priority one).

No more annoying password reset mails: Dashlane

In times of data protection, passwords are key. But how can one remember all the passwords for each individual account? A pretty annoying process is the result: We try to remember the password in a convulsive way, but we have to reset it in the end, and then think about a new combination, which will only be classified as safe after five failed attempts. Dashlane is the solution. With this app you can store all passwords securely.


Productive meetings: Solid

In the afternoon it’s time again for one of those meetings that could have been an e-mail – and that takes up a lot of time. Solid allows you to organize your meetings with minimal effort. The iPhone-app syncs with your calendar and let’s you see all scheduled and past meetings at a glance. You can not only share your appointments, but also helpful information with all team members and customers like the agenda, your notes and whole meeting templates.

Focused work: Forest

A strenuous meeting or the afternoon sleepiness will reduce our concentration and motivation. Just a quick glance at the smartphone to find out more about Facebook & Co. and 5 minutes are quickly turned into 50 minutes. The App Forest makes you playfully work through your tasks and doesn’t let yourself get distracted by your smartphone. With Forest you plant a tree: The longer you can manage not to check your phone, the more trees grow. However, if your phone addiction is stronger, a tree dies. So save the forest and just leave your cell be.


Losing no time with time recording: Jiffy

After a productive working day, leisure time is just around the corner. Before you can go home, however, it’s time for timekeeping. But how much time does it take to complete which tasks? With the Android app Jiffy you always have your working hours in view. Thanks to the practical overview you will get a detailed information about your day or week (if you have postponed the time recording until Friday evening). Another advantage: You can group your time recording into different projects. This way you can record your work hours in no time and start your well-earned evening off.

A debt not paid is a lost friend? Not with Splitwise

After work, take a quick bite to eat with friends in your favourite restaurant and relax. But when the bill arrives, no one wants to pay “once again” for everyone. Splitwise allows you to quickly and easily split your bills. So you always keep an eye on who has paid for what and save yourself the long guesswork and arguments.

Networking like a Pro: Closr

For all those who take part at a meetup after work, the networking app Closr is worth its weight in gold. To avoid embarrassing questions like: “Have we met?”, Closr gives you all the essential background information about your contacts shortly before every meeting, based on your notes and social media data: When was the last meeting? What was that all about? How’s the person doing? But that’s not all: Closr prepares suitable information for you based on the interests of your interlocutor, e. g. the latest match results for football fans.


Fit and healthy: 7 minutes workout (iPhone) / 7 minutes training (Android)

If you have kept the evening free, you should use the time at home for yourself. The best time for sports, according to scientists, is around 5 pm. And that doesn’t even have to be long! With the Android app 7-Minutes-Traning and the 7 Minuten Workout for iPhone you can try out different sports programs – or even create your own.


After all the work and the many people around you, it’s time to go to sleep. Unfortunately, no app has been developed (yet) that warms up your bed and lets you fall asleep quickly… maybe, in this case, it doesn’t need a digital helper, but just a glass of hot milk with honey.